Youth & Young Adults

We love young people! We love the challenges they bring to move us from our comfort zones. We love the energy and vision they bring – we look forward to the moments when our young men and women do prophesy and  see visions, and share them with us Acts 2:17).

Due to our move our youth will join with the youth at St Georges where appropriate.

Typical things we have done:

Ngage on Sunday mornings  during the service. The 4th Sunday of the month is time for socials. In our new youth room we have breakfast and play games, a time to listen to music and chill out with friends.

We are also involved with Youth Across Hemel ‘The Mix’ – a fabulous gathering of youth from all over Hemel.
But we are always open to new ideas!!

We regularly send our young people to Crossfire (<ahref=””>, as well as other events, big and small around the country.